TEKNIKA4 has a dedicated in house research and development department working full time with product development and technology research. We are specialist in research and development (R&D) of robotic engineering. TEKNIKA4 is a new company forged by engineers with over 25 years of experience in space and industrial robotics projects. TEKNIKA4 delivers consultancy services R&D development projects and experienced specialists who have both the technology skills  and an extensive industrial knowledge  to support our customers implementing robotics. 

The R&D activity is performed in cooperation with research and technology institutions, customers and industry groups, which  allows your company to be more agile and bring projects faster to your customers. TEKNIKA4 covers the complete value chain from R&D to production of the final product, from robotic concept evaluation and elaboration to bespoke development and engineering of robotic solutions.

Based on the customer needs and requirements, robotic concepts are evaluated and elaborated focusing the maximum value of a potential robotic deployment. TEKNIKA4 assists in defining specifications and takes care of every stage of development, from hardware and software design to integration and assembly of the prototype and field testing.

  • Analysis of the needs and requirements
  • Evaluation of Inspection Robotics Potentials
  • KPI Definition and business value assessment
  • Elaboration of robotic concepts
  • Proof of concept
  • Robotic Value 
  • System Requirements
  • Configuration of Robotic System
  • Adaptation and Engineering of robotic modules 
  • Bespoke development of required modules and components
  • System Integration 

At TEKNIKA4, driving innovation and developing new technologies are the core mantra of our business. The team has experience in the industrial robotics and automation industry, machine design, PLC, vision systems, machine learning, product prototyping, sensor integration, vector trajectory software development and autonomous flight navigation, human-robot interaction mechanisms and user interfaces Teknika4 has a successful track record completing projects with engineering companies around the world to provide bespoke design automation systems. Our team  can develop any kind of prototype in a very short time using  rapid 3D prototyping.