2014 Aluminium Alloy

2014 Aluminium Alloy

2014 aluminum aluminio
High strength structural components for aircraft , spacecraft, military vehicles, and structural applications. 


Aluminium alloy EN AW 2014 / 2014A is covered by Standard BS EN 2100 and has similarities to the following standard designations and specifications:

Alloy 2014/2014A UNS A92014/A92014A, ASTM B209

DIN AlCu4SiMg, 3.1255


The most common tempers for 2014 / 2014A aluminium are:

  • O   - Soft
  • T3 - Solution heat treated, cold worked and naturally aged
  • T4 - Solution heat treated and naturaly aged to a substantially stable condition
  • T6 - Solution heat treated and artificially aged
  • T651 - Solution heat treated, stress relieved by stretching then artificially aged
2014-T6 T6 Solution heat-treated and then artificially aged.
2014-T62 T62 Solution heat treated and then artificially aged by the user.Applies to any temper which has been heat treated and aged by user whichattains mechanical properties different from those of the -T6 condition.
2014-T651 T651 Solution heat-treated, stress-relieved by controlled stretching (permanent set 0.5% to 3% for sheet, 1.5% to 3% for plate, 1% to 3% for rolled or cold-finished rod and bar, 1% to 5% for hand or ring forging and rolled ring) and then artificially aged. The products receive no further straightening after stretching.
2014-T652 T652 Solution heat treated, stress-relieved by compressive deformation and artificially aged. Equivalent to -T6 and applies to hard forged squares, rectangles and simply shaped die forgings except 2219.
2014-T6510 T6510 Solution heat treated, stress-relieved by stretching and artificially aged with no hard straightening after aging. Applies to extruded rod, bar and shapes except 2024.
2014-T6511 T6511 Solution heat treated, stress-relieved by stretching and artificially aged with minor straightening. Equivalent to -T6 and applies to extruded rod, bar and shapes except 2024.
Alloy Designation US US Federal European UK Other
2014 AMS 4028 2014-T0 Sheet /Plate QQ-A-200/2 2014-T4 Extruded bar WS 3.1255 BS 7 L37 2014A Rivet stock A-U4SG
2014 AMS 4029 2014-T651 Sheet , plate QQ-A-200/2 2014-T6 Extruded bar EN 2087 2014A-T6 Clad sheet BS 3 L63 2014A-T6 tube AlCu4SiMg
2014 AMS 4121 2014-T6/T6511 Bar QQ-A-225/4 2014-T4 Cold finished bar EN 2088 2014A-T4 Clad sheet BS 2 L77 2014A Forging stock AECMA 2387
2014 AMS 4133 2014-T6 Forging QQ-A-225/4 2014-T6 Cold finished bar EN 2089 2014A-T6 Sheet BS 2 L87 2014A-T6 Bar
2014 AMS 4134 2014-T6 Die Forging QQ-A-250/3 2014-T4 Clad sheet EN 2100 2014A-T4511 Extruded bar BS 2 L93 2014A-T651 Plate
2014 AMS 4153 2014-T6 Extrusions QQ-A-250/3 2014-T6 Clad sheet EN 2324 2014A-T6 BS L102 2014A-T4 Bar
2014 QQ-A-367 EN 2384 2014A-T6511 Extruded bar BS L103 2014A-T4 Forging Stock
2014 MIL-A-21180 EN 2395 2014A-T4 Sheet BS L105 2014A-T4 Drawn tube
2014 MSFC-SPEC-104 (NASA) EN 2634 2014A-T4511, EN 2635 2014A-T6511 BS L156 2014A-T4 Bare Sheet
2014 EN 2639 2014A-T6 BS L157 2014A-T6 Bare Sheet
2014 2014-T4 EN485 BS L164 2014A-T4 Clad Sheet
2014 BS L165 2014A-T6 Clad Sheet
2014 BS L166 2014A-T4 Clad Sheet